Organic / Naturally grown, Fresh farm produce directly procured from Farmers is now home delivered to your home.  MeraFarmer connects you to the farmers who grow your food naturally - the lifeline of eternal good health,. Chemical free; organic fresh farm produce guarantees a preventive mechanism against lot many diseases. The produce might not look good but tastes awesome. When Farmers know their customers; they toil harder to give you only healthy food. In turn; we have promised that minimum 50% of MRP we collect from customers will go to the farmers. We also try to get more local / desi variety of produce.  Its an effort to build a healthy and profitable exchange between Farmers and Consumers. We gladly share the details of each farmer and they would be happier to host you in case you want to visit their farms! What better way to Check yourself and know the source of your Food

Mera Farmer

Ensuring Good Health of us, Farmers and Nature

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