Our Story

Our story is a journey of seeking Safe food and Toxin free products for good health of our family. The produce in the organic market was costly and the farmers or producers were exploited on their share of profits. Hence we became a transparent bridge between Safe food Farmers and Good health Seekers; aiming fair value to both, thus building a Sustainable Community.
You know your doctor, your CA, your lawyer, and with us you can Know your Farmer and the source of what your consumer or use.

Toxin free products add healthy years to your life and our environment.  We aim to reach fresh farm produce to your doorstep within 24 hours of harvest. Farmer families and passionate home makers are also encouraged to make healthy processed foods to reach our dining tables. Our packaging is recyclable, reusable & Our delivery is in E-vehicles

We believe that choosing toxin free products is not just about food but about living an Organic, Sustainable Life with pure Self Love and immense compassion for all others. 

Our Team

Niranjan Upasani - Sustainability coach, Japanese Language Specialist with MNC, Alumni of Ecological Society. Founder of Jeevit Nadi, 

Seema Agrawal - MBA, MCom, Business development of leading FMCG brands, Co-Founder of Merafarmer

Vivek Dighe- Software Professional, Operations Management expert, Switched to Organic Farming near Pune

Bhushan Patil- IT professional, Alumni of Ecological Society, Excels in Ecology and Economy, Building a Sustainable farm stay community near Bhimashankar

We all bid farewell to the corporate world and dedicated ourselves to Sustainable Eco friendly living. We dedicated our time to creating awareness about leading a toxin free life for healthier families and safe environment. And in the process started a platform for Toxin free products & solutions.


"My children never ate Bhindi, but they are eating the ones we get from you, they taste different"
"We are delighted to visit Pandharpur, met Mohan Dongare & the group of farmers, who are simpletons working hard to provide safe food to us"
"The brown Rice / unpolished Indrayani rice took time to get accepted in family, but after seeing the benefits we are addicted"
"We never knew about so many Rice and jowar varieties --- Thanks to you we are gettting to know our traditional grains"
"We always wanted to contribute to planet conservation works, never got the time. But now, the non toxic cleaners readily available with you, help us do our bit from home"
"Thanks for accepting all the packaging material back, my dry bins are almost empty now"

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