About Us 


Our story is a journey of seeking Safe food for our own good health. The produce in the organic market was very costly and the farmers were not getting even half that cost. And buying directly from farmers was costly and tedious too. Hence we became a bridge between Safe food Genuine Farmers and our kind Good health Seekers.

We quit our 20 years of corporate careers and dedicated ourselves to reaching MERA FARMER services to many more consumers in Pune. Our speciality lies in establishing a direct connect with your Farmers; ensuring healthy lifestyle for you and the farmers.

We take advance orders for fresh farm produce and deliver freshly harvested produce at your homes; thus ensuring no wastage of Farm produce. We commit to giving back minimum 50% of the MRP to the farmers. 80% of our packaging is in recyclable, reusable, refundable cloth bags and steel / glass containers. Our delivery vehicles are e-carts – a small 3-wheeler electric vehicle.

We believe that Eating Safe Food is not just about food but about living an Organic, Sustainable Life with pure Self Love and immense compassion for others.  

Our Team